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Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras

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Digital Cameras

There are many digital cameras produced in the world today, but we have selected the Pixera brand of digital microscope cameras as the one to promote to the customers of SPI Supplies because of the leading role of Pixera in the manufacture of these kinds of cameras. In addition, because of their unique manufacturing knowhow and technology, we can offer the Pixera line of cameras to customers at far lower cost (but with the same or better specifications) than those being offered by other light microscope manufacturers. We allow the customer to purchase directly from SPI Supplies without having to go through any middlemen, thereby eliminating an important layer of retail markup to the end user customer.

More about the cameras:

Pixera's line of digital microscope camera systems for microscopy offers outstanding image quality and simplicity of use. The cameras range from 1.2 million (i. e., 1.2 MEGS) pixels, to 5.8 million pixels with both color as well as monochrome and with and without cooling for low light imaging such as with fluorescence microscopy. Another one of these reasons we have selected Pixera as the product to offer is that the cameras are not only highly reliable but they are also highly sensitive camera systems that are easy to learn and easy to operate. Unlike some digital cameras, the Pixera microscope cameras can operate with equal ease on either PC or Mac platforms, something especially important in many academic laboratories where Mac systems predominate.

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