MiScope Megapixel 2 Digital Microscope

MiScope Megapixel 2 Digital Microscope
MiScope Megapixel 2 Digital Microscope
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The MiScope product line brings affordable and highly versatile quality digital microscopes to the palm of your hand. From 15x to 140x in both live view and captured images this powerful tool can be used from forensics to product line control, in the lab or in the field. A variety of accessories are available to build your own kit (or purchase ours). 

The MiScope Megapixel 2 Digital Microscope a scientific grade system using a 1/3” CMOS image sensor, and is compatible with most laptop computers, tablets, and even cell phones and comes with software for capturing still and moving images, time lapse, enhanced measurement, labeling, draw on features and digital zoom.  You can image up to 1 inch away from your object with about a one-inch field of view. It also comes with variable Ushims (steps) for intermediate magnifications. Move the arm on the side of your MiScope Megapixel 2 and it will focus and zoom at the same time. 


Model: MiScope Megapixel Digital Microscope
Video Resolution: 2 megapixels
Magnification: 15x-140x
Lighting: White LED, ON/OFF switch
Frames per second (fps): 7.5 at 2 MP, 30 at 640x480 pixels
Min Working Distance: Contact
Max Working Distance: 25.2mm (1 inch)
Field of View (mm): 17 x 22.5mm (~ 1 inch)
Resolution (microns): 1.9
Interface: PC
Software: Video Toolbox Software Professional (VTB-PRO), included