Video Camera Eyepiece

Video Camera Eyepiece
Video Camera Eyepiece
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Video Camera Eyepiece

This color camera connects to a standard TV monitor. Excellent for demonstration and recordings. This camera easily sets up and is portable. Comes with a 110V or 220V adapter.

SPI Supplies Eyepiece Cameras look like an eyepiece. They are easily fitted into the eyepiece tube of your stereoscope or microscope, in most cases without any need for additional mounting devices. Sets up quickly and easily. High quality images to either a computer or TV monitor.

Just plug it into the eyepiece of the microscope and you are in business!

The SPI Supplies Eyepiece Cameras literally fit right into the eyepiece of any light microscope, either stereo or transmission. If the microscope has an eyepiece, then the camera can be used with it! And this is almost always accomplished without any other mounting devices or accessories.


Dimensions: Camera fits eyepiece sizes 23mm to 30mm.
Power: 12V AC transformer for 110V or 220V operation.
System: Suitable for PAL or NTSC
Output: TV Monitor
Picture Element: High Resolution 1/3" CMOS chip, 640 x 480 pixel.
System includes: camera eyepiece with PAL and NTSC plugs, PAL adapter plug, eyepiece adapter and AC transformer