A Complete Line of SEM Mounts, Stubs and Planchets

SPI Supplies offers a wide variety of SEM Mounts, Stubs and Planchets for all your sample preparation needs.


Several aluminum mount finishes are available:

  • Lathe: Our standard product, economically priced, made from an aluminum alloy that is specially selected for its machinability and which provides a relatively smooth surface. Excellent when a substrate is needed for use with carbon tapes and discs.

  • Luster: Our tumbled finish, giving a very smooth surface that can be used with or without tapes and paints.

  • Polished: Our high quality polished finished, down to 0.1um. Excellent for when needing a very smooth surface without tapes.

Available in a number of styles (cylindrical, pin mount, angled), sizes and diameters.


All of our carbon mounts are spectroscopically pure carbon, purified to reduce all impurities to the less than 10 ppm-level. Two styles are offered:

  • Standard finish, for a pure carbon surface.
  • Ultra Smooth finish: A highly smooth for use with powders and other samples for EDS preparation.


  • High-quality planchets made from pyrolytic graphite, beryllium or diamond.
  • Excellent for powders, particles and other samples
  • Use when standard SEM stubs will not do!
  • Highly polished surfaces
  • Low Bremsstrahlung background
  • Reusable


  • 25mm “forensic” aluminum with special adhesive tape.
  • Designed for Case Work and acceptance in courtroom settings.
  • Uniquely numbered for full documentation and traceability.

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Unique and special mounts and adapters for the SEM user.

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