SPI PTFE Printed Diagnostic Slides

For all immuno-testing applications in histology, virology, microbiology, serology and parasitology

The SPI Supplies® Brand PTFE Printed Slide is a screen-printed microscopic slide for immunofluorescence testing. Coating thickness is controlled to be about 0.02 mm (20 µm) with fairly low variation from point to point on the printed surface. That part of the slide covered with the PTFE coating is very hydrophobic, can be autoclaved, and is very resistant to almost all chemicals including HF. And it is inert in the presence of virtually all laboratory solvents. And the printing is done on slides with 90° round edges.

Resistant to acetone, methanol and Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), the PTFE coating has extreme hydrophobic properties which prevent cross contamination and increase well capacity. The well surface is 100% wettable which provides for an enhanced cell attachment as well as an excellent spreading of the antigens within the well - making it economical.

Standard deviation of the position of the pattern on the slides is ±0.5 mm and meets the demands of the automated equipment manufacturers for very close tolerances for the reproducibility of the positioning of the pattern on the slides.

Choice of color:

The slides are available either in maroon or black, depending on how they are portrayed on this page.

SPI Supplies PTFE Printed Slides are autoclavable; however the slides are intended for a single use only and one should not try to reuse them. 

Storage conditions:

The SPI PTFE Printed Slides are manufactured and packaged to provide maximum possible shelf life. While the generally given shelf life for slides is usually given as being up to about 18 months when stored under normal laboratory conditions, this life time can be extended greatly by ensuring that the slides are stored in a dry environment.

Custom manufacturing:

A growing portion of our business is custom printing of special patterns for customers with specific requirements. With the SPI printing technology, we can generally beat just about anyone's best definition of detail, meaning also that we can make the very smallest wells anyone has ever seen! For a custom slide printing job, with slide sizes restricted to maximum size 1x3" (76x26 mm), the best economics start to emerge when 20 boxes of 100 slides are the minimum quantity.