SPI Supplies Brand Molybdenum Foil

SPI Supplies Brand Molybdenum Foil, 50x50x0.05 mm, CAS #: 7439-98-7
Size 50x50x0.05 mm
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SPI Supplies Brand Molybdenum Foil, 100x100x0.05 mm, CAS #: 7439-98-7
Size 100x100x0.05 mm
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SPI Supplies® Brand Molybdenum Foil, CAS #: 7439-98-7

Chemical symbol: Mo
Atomic number: 42
Atomic weight: 95.94
CAS #: 7439-98-7
Density of solid [/kg m-3]: 10280
Melting point: 2623°C / 4753°F / 2896°K

SPI SuppliesĀ® Brand Molybdenum Foil is offered to researchers interested in doing their own etching of special grids or other patterns from molybdenum. This foil can also be shaped into custom shapes used as "boats" for metal evaporation. In the electron microscope laboratory, such boats can be used for the "flaming" of apertures to clean them for reuse. If you are considering the purchase of foil to TEM calibration, consider the already prepared SPI SuppliesĀ® Brand Mo foil on Be TEM grids.