SPI Fuge Mini Centrifuge, Clear Lid, with 2 Rotors

SPI Fuge Mini Centrifuge, Clear Lid, with 2 rotors, 110V
Voltage 110 V
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SPI Fuge Mini Centrifuge, clear lid, with 2 rotors, 220V, European 2 prong plug
Voltage 220 V
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The SPI Fuge™ Mini is a personal centrifuge that virtually fits in the palm of your hand. An eight place rotor is included and comes installed. A second rotor for 0.2ml PCR tubes and strips is also included and stored with the rotor removal key in a convenient compartment on the bottom of the centrifuge.

  • Eight Position Microtube rotor
  • Storage compartment for PCR rotor
  • Near silent operation
  • Starts and stops in seconds