Gooseneck 3W LED Single Spot Lamp, 18"

Gooseneck 3W LED Single Spot Lamp, 18" 110V
Voltage 110
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Gooseneck 3W LED Single Spot Lamp, 18" 220V
Voltage 220
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18" Gooseneck Style
High Powered White LED
5-28 Vdc Operation
Attached Gooseneck
Weighted Base with Dimmer
Power Supply Included
Wattage: 1.8 Watts
Draw @ 12 Volts: 180mA
Light Output @ 12”: 796 Lux/73.95 fc
Color Temperature: 3100K
CRI: 90+ Ra
Average Life: 60,000 Hours

Designed for the microscopy laboratory, the ANSER gooseneck is an excellent choice for any application requiring strong, even illumination. The 3-Watt LED provides a warm and consistent light source without generating excessive heat. The 18” gooseneck allows easy orientation of the lamp. The compact weighted base with built-in dimmer takes up very little space on a work bench or desk. Good for spot lighting in EM rooms as well as sample preparation areas.

Includes 12-Volt power supply.