PEAK Flexible Stand Loupe

PEAK Flexible Stand Loupe 100mm Lens 470mm High
Magnification 2x mag
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PEAK Flexible Stand Loupe 90-mm Lens 460mm High
Magnification 2.2x mag
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PEAK Flexible Stand Loupe 115mm Lens 485mm High
Magnification 1.7X mag
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Flexible stand loupe

Precision made flexible arm

Allows for hands free operation

Available in three lens sizes

 Lens Diameter   Magnification Dimensions   Weight SPI#
90 mm2.2X145 x 120 x 460 mm  1427 g 09769-AB
100 mm2X145 x 120 x 470 mm  1484 g 02280-AB
115 mm1.7X145 x 120 x 485 mm  1527 g 09770-AB

PEAK Flexible Stand Loupe

An outstanding inspection magnifier, which allows for the preparation of samples for microscopy or other laboratory operations or for rapid inspection of fine detailed objections on the production or assembly line of a manufacturing facility.

The PEAK Flexible Stand Loupe is a high quality loupe on a flexible stand. It has a precision made flexible arm, and lens that can also be set to any position or angle that might be required. The stand itself is both heavy and solid for stability during use.

The product can be purchased with three different lens sizes: 90, 100 and 115mm diameter lens sizes.