PEAK Brand Stand Microscope

PEAK Brand Stand Microscope 25X
Magnification 25 x
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PEAK Brand Stand Microscope 50X
Magnification 50 x
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PEAK Brand Stand Microscope 75X
Magnification 75 x
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PEAK Brand Stand Microscope 100X
Magnification 100 x
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PEAK Stand Product Specs

SPI # FoV Min. Div Range WD NA FD Wt gms
09754-AB 3.3 mm 0.05/0.002" 3.0 17.0 0.11 19.8 83
09764-AB 2.0 mm 0.02/0.001" 1.6 11.7 0.18 14.9 83
09755-AB 1.09 mm 0.01/0.001" 1.0 11.7 0.22 9.9 83
09756-AB 0.84 mm 0.005/0.0005" 0.8 11.6 0.22 9.9 88

The PEAK Stand Microscopes are small size, lightweight and conveniently portable microscopes. They are designed to cover the range in between the high quality and costly microscopes and the various low cost magnifiers (e.g. 3X to 30X) that are also offered via SPI Supplies®. Without any real effort, the PEAK® Stand Microscope can capture information on the subject to be examined. And now it can be purchased with an optional light source, giving it a capability not normally found on microscopes in this price range.

One of the finest features of the microscope line is the precision-made focusing ring, which simplifies operation and the freely attachable/detachable black colored rubber eyepiece increases the ease of operation. The freely attachable/detachable black colored rubber eyepiece adds yet another element of convenience.

By reading the scale engraved on the focusing ring and the main needle of the lens barrel, depths can be measured with the accuracy of 0.1 mm. The microscopes are convenient for measuring the thickness or height of the surface being examined including step heights. These microscopes are widely used in the printing industry for examining a printed surface or even in the examination of printing plates.

The scale is built into the scale chamber about the focusing ring. The "standard" scale is what comes "standard" with the microscope. While other scales are possible, it is necessary to purchase a reasonably large number of units, for example in excess of 50 pieces.

The lens barrel of the eyepiece is the visibility adjustment ring. First turn this ring and set it at the position where the scale can be seen clearly. Then turn the focusing ring and start observations. The Stand Microscope is ideal for use in a wide variety of different industrial and academic settings.

Optional light source:
The optional PEAK light holder has been designed for use with the PEAK Stand Microscopes. It greatly extends the useful range of applications since it can now be used in locations where there would otherwise be insufficient light available. The holder comes as two pieces, a black plastic collar piece that fits around any of the four PEAK stand microscopes plus the pen light style light source for illumination.