Replacement Carbide Cutter Wheel

Replacement Carbide Cutter Wheel for Thin (0.15mm-0.5mm) Materials
Size 0.15mm to 0.5mm
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These high quality replacement cutting wheels are specifically designed to fit our line of Precision Glass Cutters. For cutting materials such as glass or silicon, the carbide wheels are an excellent choice. If one needs to cut harder materials, such as sapphire plates, a diamond wheel is a much better option. Also, make sure to select the proper cutting wheel based on the thickness of the material to be cut. Sometimes it is helpful to have several cutting wheels on hand to handle a variety of cutting needs.

The following cutting wheels are available:

  • Carbide cutting wheels for thin (0.15mm – 0.5mm), medium (0.5mm – 1.3mm) and thick (1.1mm – 3.0mm) materials.
  • Diamond cutting wheels for thin (0.15mm – 0.5mm) and medium (0.5mm – 1.3mm) hard materials.