ITO Coated Slides with Busbar, 50x75mmUnpolish15-30ohm

ITO Coated Slides with Busbar, 50x75mmUnpolish15-30ohm,pk 25
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ITO Coated Slides with Busbar, 50x75 mm,Unpolish 15-30ohm, pk100
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SPI Supplies® Brand Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) Coated Microscope Slides

Float glass unpolished in 1.1 mm thickness, Busbar


These slides are offered with a "busbar", a silver silk screened contact pad on each end of the slide, making it easy for the application of electrical contacts. The surface resistivity of the silver line is less than 0.2 ohms/square.

50 x 75 mm (1.1 mm thick)

Resistivities: 15-30 ohms