SPI Supplies Diamond Scribe

SPI Supplies Brand Diamond Scribe, Style 60, Included Angle: 60, Refillable
Angle 60°
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SPI Supplies Brand Diamond Scribe, Style 75, Included Angle: 75°, Refillable
Angle 75°
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SPI Supplies Brand Diamond Scribe, Retractable Pen Style, Included Angle: 90, Refillable
Angle 90°
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SPI Supplies Brand Diamond Scribe, Style 120, Included Angle: 120°, Refillable
Angle 120°
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The standard product comes with a diamond 0.9mm (0.035") to 1.0mm (0.040") in diameter. The radius of curvature at the tip is on the order of 25.4 um (0.001") to 50.8 um (0.002"). SPI Supplies Diamond Scribe products are all made from natural diamond so since nature never made two diamonds exactly the same, there with be some diamond to diamond variation but we keep such variations within reasonably tight specifications.

The sharp diamond tip retracts with a push of the button top. The pen-style design is manufactured to produce a wobble free fit between the outer barrel and the refill holding the diamond. Use for preparing and marking samples to be examined by SEM and just plain ordinary glass slides and photographic plates and also for scribing and trimming silicon, ceramics and other hard materials. The high-precision "feel" has made the SPI diamond scribes very popular for high volume and production work of all kinds.


The SPI Diamond Scribe Refill has been designed for use with the SPI Diamond Scribe and may not fit other holders even though they appear to be the same in appearance. The refill consists of a diamond cutting point mounted in a tube having the appearance of a ball point pen refill. The tube is 105 mm long by 3 mm in diameter.

Maintenance suggestions:

Although the low cost might suggest otherwise, these diamond scribing tools really are precision made instruments and are used for scribing lines often times on expensive substrates which must be kept free of contamination. That is why we recommend a "blow off" with a duster each time after use, thereby avoiding any cross-contamination between different substrates.

SPI # Scribe Refill
06004R-AB 60°
06005R-AB 75°
05023-AB 90°
06006R-AB 125°
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