Selvyt Polishing Cloth Code A 10x10in.(25.4x25.4 cm)

Selvyt Polishing Cloth

10" x 10" (25.4x25.4 cm)


The Selvyt® Polishing Cloth is used worldwide wherever delicate and valuable surfaces must be polished. And what could be more delicate and valuable than the inner workings of a column instrument worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars? Selvyt is made from 100% natural cotton cloth. The surface of the Selvyt cloth is produced using the special "W" binding system which results in a warm, velvet-to-the-touch texture. The design of the cloth ensures that all dust particles are lifted off the surface being polished and held in the fabric, leaving virtually no residue.

Note of caution:
The trade name Selvyt® is the registered trade name of the firm Marsh Fern Company. SPI Supplies offers only Selvyt of origin from this firm and we will not ever offer any imitation materials, sometimes called "Selvyt" as well. You can always tell the official Selvyt from imitation materials by the presence or absence of the unique lettering design as shown in the above graphic.

Complete laboratory test results of Selvyt cloth are available for making your decision.