SPI Supplies NO-VOC Silver Paint with Brush Applicator Cap

NO-VOC Silver Paint with Brush Applicator Cap, 0.5 troy oz.(15.5g) (CofC not available)
Size 0.5 troy oz.
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NO-VOC Silver Paint with Brush Applicator Cap, 1.0 troy oz.(31.0g) (CofC not available)
Size 1.0 troy oz.
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After many years of research, SPI Supplies can now offer a non-Volatile Organic Content silver paint, compatible with those laboratories looking for products with no VOCs as well as a product that does not have to be shipped as a hazardous paint.

SPI Supplies NO-VOC Silver Paint is a highly conductive, 100% water-based silver paint is designed for making high-performance electrical contacts. This material is VOC free. NO-VOC Silver Paint is optimized for brushing/dipping applications. Primary applications for this material include SEM ground coatings, printed circuit board repair, electroforming, and EMI shielding. Excellent for use on plastic, wood, and ceramic substrates.

NO-VOC Silver Paint should perform much like our standard Silver Conductive Paint. It is specially formulated to resist settling of the silver solids. However, it is still suggested that the product is stirred, jar rolled, or shaken well prior to use. If the paint begins to thicken, deionized water may be added to replace water loss or to make slight adjustments for ease of application. Ultrasonic agitation is suggested to ensure that the paint is thoroughly mixed after adding deionized water.

Silver Content 40.0% +/- 2
Viscosity 8-15 Kcps (Brookfield RVT, Spin #7, 20 rpm, 25 °C)
Density 1.29 g/cc
Silver Particle Size <20 microns
Application Temperature 65 °F (18 °C) to 78 °F (26°C)
Cure Schedule 1-2 hours @ 25 °C or 5-10 minutes @ 60-90 °C
Thinner Deionized Water
Shelf Life Indefinite in a sealed container (See Note)

NOTE:  Water may evaporate from the product while on the shelf and may be reconstituted using DI water.