Paraplast Original Tissue Embedding Medium 1 kg Bag

Paraplast Original Tissue Embedding Medium 1 kg Bag
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Paraplast Original Tissue Embedding Medium, 1 kg Bags, Case of 8 bags,
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This is the "original" Paraplast. It is a highly purified paraffin formulated to give outstanding tissue infiltration and superior quality sections. One of the outstanding characteristics of this version is that tissue compression during sectioning is greatly minimized and it cuts to a thickness of 4 µm while still maintaining excellent ribbon continuity with virtually never any crumbling or cracking.

The product comes in a handy pellet form that melts rapidly, with a melting point of 56°C (133°F) (ASTM methods). Unlike some other tissue embedding products, Paraplast is already doubly filtered and there is no need for further filtration prior to use. And clearing is always complete without stainable residue.