Paraplast Plus Tissue Embedding Medium, 1 kg

Paraplast Plus Tissue Embedding Medium, 1 kg
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Paraplast Plus Tissue Embedding Medium 1kg Case of 8 bags
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Paraplast Plus is similar to the original Paraplast except that Plus has added to it a low level of dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) for faster tissue penetration. This slight variation in composition typically results in a shortening of infiltration times by one third. It has good sectioning characteristics, producing excellent wrinkle-free sections down to as thin as 4 µm while still maintaining excellent ribbon continuity. For hard tissue samples, this formulation has the tendency to make hard brittle sections into more flexible ribbons.

The product comes in a handy pellet form that melts rapidly, with a melting point of 56°C (133°F) (ASTM methods). Paraplast is already doubly filtered so there is no need for further filtration prior to use. And clearing is always complete without stainable residue.