BEEM 1001 Capsules for Embedding, Size 00

BEEM 1001 Capsules for Embedding, Size 00, Pack of 100
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BEEM 1001 Capsules for Embedding, Size 00, Pack of 500
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BEEM 1001 Capsules for Embedding, Size 00, Pack of 1000
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BEEM #1001 
Size 00 - Large
8 mm ID x 20 mm High

This mold produces a 1x1 mm face at the distal tip of the capsule for easy facing off procedures. The hinged cap offers a convenient means of carrying out polymerizations where oxygen must be excluded.

These precision molded embedding capsules make uniform, pre-shaped blocks. It is universally agreed that this type of capsule is easier to handle than round-bottomed gelatin capsules. All BEEM® capsules come with a hinged cap which also doubles as a flat mold. Constructed of a special grade of polyethylene which gives outstanding release characteristics it will also tend to not stick to the plastic block. Customers will also find that if they are not using a BEEM Capsule Press, they are probably going to be cutting the capsule off of the embeddment with a razor blade and the plastic of BEEM capsules has been selected such that it will cut away far easier and faster than from any other similar kind of capsule. 

Be aware of the new Easy Mold™ which is reuseable and is also stackable and usable for anaerobic embedding applications. Or consider another alternative, the SPI "Micromoulds" which have their own set of advantages relative to the alternatives. 

If you see BEEM® on the capsule cap, you can be sure you are using the world's very finest microscopy and histology embedding capsule. 

When curing BEEM capsules, take advantage of the special BEEM capsule holders available in two different sizes and also, an opaque and also UV transparent form.