PTFE Rigid - Sharp Ends

SPI Supplies PTFE Tweezers Sharp Ends 100 mm
 100 mm
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SPI Supplies PTFE Tweezers Sharp Ends 150 mm
 150 mm
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SPI Supplies PTFE Tweezers Sharp Ends 200 mm
 200 mm
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The SPI Supplies PTFE tweezers are isostatically molded from pure virgin PTFE resulting in a highly inert material, one that will stand up to nearly every way one might want to use it. The sharp tips allow easier the handling of smaller components and samples. Being constructed of 100% PTFE, these tweezers work well for use with HF and other solvents that will attack metal or plastic tweezers. A PTFE Fine Tweezers with similar sharp ends is also available.

Style: PTFE Rigid - Sharp Ends
Tip: Sharp Ends (2 to 3 mm)
Material: PTFE

Inert to virtually all chemical reagents
Completely non contaminating
Use up to 280oC (540oF)
Super smooth non-stick surface

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