SPI Supplies Brand PTFE BlackBottom Beaker

SPI Supplies Brand PTFE BlackBottom Beaker 100ml 74mmH x 56MM O.D
Size 100 ml
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SPI Supplies Brand PTFE BlackBottom Beaker 250ml 94mm H x 75mm O.D.
Size 250 ml
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SPI Supplies Brand PTFE Black Bottom Beaker 400ml 112mm H x 85mm O.D.
Size 400 ml
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The SPI Supplies Brand of PTFE beakers have found wide use in laboratories all over the world wherever high purity is demanded. It is well known that virtually nothing will leach out of pure virgin PTFE even when subjected to the strongest of acids or bases. However, if one needed to heat their beaker, such as on a hot plate, there was some point where because of the uneven heating from the bottom, dimension distortion started to occur at temperatures over 200°C. Note that we are not talking about any decomposition of the PTFE, only about dimensional distortion from the application of uneven heating. Note that if bottom heating of the PTFE beakers are not contemplated, then our standard white PTFE beakers would be a better choice. We have had reports that these beakers have been taken significantly higher in temperature and while it is not recommended, when nothing else is available, then the SPI Supplies line of BlackBottom™ PTFE beakers just might work for you.

The BlackBottom™ solution!
The innovation embodied in the SPI BlackBottom beakers is that a special formulation of a carbon black filled PTFE has been permanently molded to the bottom to ensure the uniform dissipation and transmission of heat from the hot plate up to and through the contents of the PTFE beaker.

As with the other products in the line of SPI Supplies Brand PTFE labware, everything is molded from pure virgin PTFE. These beakers can be heated without the worry that something might leach from the PTFE into the contents of the beaker, a very important feature whenever purity is an issue and also when dangerous chemicals are involved.

We find that our largest customers come from pharmaceutical researchers, analytical laboratories, mining analysis laboratories and general materials science sample preparation laboratories where strong acids might be stored long term.