212 Skin Conditioner

212 Skin Conditioner 4 Ounce/112 g Tube
Size 1 - 4 oz tube
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212 Skin Conditioner 4 Ounce/112 g Tube/case of 24
Size Case of 24 Tube
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212® Skin Conditioner:The 212 formula skin conditioner has been specially formulated for the kinds of dry skin conditions brought about by exposure to typical laboratory environments. This product relieves dry, itchy skin and restores the skin's natural softness. It is not heavily fragranced, and is also greaseless, a particularly important consideration for use in and around a laboratory. And in addition, it won't leave fingerprints or smudges on work surfaces, clothing, adhesives, laminates, etc., a characteristic especially important for those working in microscopy laboratory environments.

Package size: 4 ounce/112 grams tube