Staticide Wipes, 14 x 30 cm

Staticide Wipes, 14 x 30 cm, Box of 24 individual packs
Quantity Box of 24 wipes
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Staticide Wipes, 14 x 30 cm, Case of 12 Boxes, 288 individual packs total
Quantity Case of 12 Boxe
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Staticide® Wipes provide effective static control for days and sometimes weeks. Indeed there seems to be no limit to the many amazing applications customers discover for these alcohol-wet wipers. For example, some end users are taking advantage of the presumed antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of the alcohol to clean light microscope oculars as an aid to better hygiene and to reduce the likelihood of transmission of ophthalmic diseases from one user to the next. Other than the alcohol, there are no other solvents or liquids present, and virtually nothing leaches out of the wiper itself, a real "plus" for surfaces that have to be really clean when the wiping is finished. For plastic lenses, other solvents should not be used because of their possibility of causing stress cracking or hazing (e. g. "whitening") which would of course ruin the lenses.

24 packs per box

These handy, foil-wrapped towelettes clean and protect equipment in the electron microscopy lab and also wherever other expensive and high value electronic equipment including computers is being used. One quick treatment, instantly, starts preventing static build-up and therefore also dust, both of which are common causes for equipment failure and downtime.

Flat panel display monitors:
Staticide® Wipes should not be used on flat panel display monitors.

Dimensions of each wiper: 5.5 inches (14 cm) x 8 inches (30.3 cm).
Packaged as twenty four wipes (e.g. individual packs) per box; 12 per case.