Alconox Alcotabs Critical Cleaning Detergent Tablets

Alcotabs Critical Cleaning Detergent Tablets, Bottles of 100 Tablets, Case of 6 Bottles
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Alcotabs Critical Cleaning Detergent Tablets, Bottle of 100 Tablets
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Alcotabs® Critical-Cleaning Detergent Tablets exhibit a wide range of outstanding characteristics for a wide range of applications with these features:

  • Special slow release tablet formulation for maximum cleaning performance from all siphon pipette washers
  • Shipped as a highly concentrated liquid to save on shipping costs
  • Biodegradable and readily disposable
  • Free rinsing to give reliable results and no interfering residues
  • Use to pass your cleaning validation tests for lab accreditation and plant inspection approval

Bottle of 100 tablets

Alcotabs® Critical-Cleaning Detergent Tablets have been formulated to clean especially the following:

Pipettes and tubes with syphon pipette washers in hospitals, clinical, educational, R&D and industrial laboratories as well as cosmetics manufacturing equipment. The product is also authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. The product also passes the inhibitory residue test for water analysis.

Alcotabs® Critical-Cleaning Detergent Tablets have been formulated to remove:

Soil, grit, grime, grease, fats, oils, blood, tissue, salt deposits, particulates, chemicals, solvents and radioisotopes.

Alcotabs® Critical-Cleaning Detergent Tablets have been designed for the cleaning of the following surfaces and situations:

Since the product is corrosion inhibited, it is recommended for glass, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, rubber and fiberglass. It can also be used on soft metals such as aluminum, zinc and magnesium if rinsed and dried promptly. For critical applications, we recommend some testing be done to validate that this product can be used safely on your surface.

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