Kluberalpha RT-15 Grease

Kluberalpha RT-15 Grease 100 gm
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Kluberalpha RT-15 Grease 1 kg
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Kluberalpha RT-15 High Vacuum Grease is a homogeneous, PTFE based grease, exhibiting good surface adhesion and wear resistance properties.

RT-15 high vacuum grease is a homogeneous white grease suitable for lubricating mechanical parts requiring boundary (extreme pressure) lubricating properties. Shell four ball EP test that Fomblin RT-15's welding point is 800 Kg. Its operating range is from -20C to +250C. Its properties make it suitable in "lubricating for life" applications.

Viscosity of base fluid at 20C, ASTM D445 (cSt): 1300
Range of continuous use temperature: -60C - +250C