REBEKA BSE Detector for SEM

REBEKA BSE Detector for SEM
REBEKA BSE Detector for SEM
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REBEKA™ represents a new retractable BSE detector for electron microscopy which combines the best available single crystal scintillators manufactured in Crytur with precise high vacuum mechanics and readout electronics in one ready-to-use package.

The BSE detector is a scintillator based detection unit for scattered electrons which includes YAG:Ce scintillator and light-guide (Sensor Unit ), vacuum optical feed-through, bellows based vacuum retraction mechanism (Mechanical Unit ), photomultiplier (PMT) and Electronics Control Unit. The scintillator is a YAG:Ce single crystal with a conductive ITO coating. The scintillating light is detected by the PMT module. The retractable vacuum mechanics is motorized.

Sample: IC bonds - Au bond on metallized Si wafer

BSE imaging at low beam current, the same FOV


BSE 2kV | 20pA | 320µs/pxl


BSE 5kV | 20pA | 100µs/pxl

The REBEKA can be fitted to most any SEM. Information on the desired location and flange would be needed so that the appropriate plate can be manufactured.

System Features

Sensor Unit:

  • YAG:Ce scintillator with optimized efficiency and minimized afterglow.
  • Exclusive CRYTUR LOW-ENERGY COATING™ sensitive down to 0.5 keV
  • Exponential decay time: 75 ns with 30 photons/keV
  • Outer diameter: 15 mm
  • Inner hole diameter: 6 / 4 / 2 or 1.2 mm.
  • Sensitivity: down to 1pA beam current

Mechanical Unit:

  • Dimensions: 406 x 100 x 72 mm
  • Bellows design for ultimate vacuum
  • 150 mm motorized retraction
  • +/- 2 mm fine adjustment in x, y, z axis
  • 0.01 mm repeatability
  • Detector tip covered by metal protecting tube, final thickness 3.5 mm, width 24 mm
  • Flange adapted to customer's SEM system

Electronics Control Package:

  • Dimensions 210 x 180 x 80 mm
  • Supply 230/110 V
  • 3 noise filters optimized for different scanning speeds
  • 50 MHz bandwidth
  • Internal source 0-1200 V for PMT HV
  • Output video signal -1/+1V (-5/+5V)
  • Full remote software control