NG04-101A Hydrophobic Nitride

NG04-101A Hydrophobic Nitride
NG04-101A Hydrophobic Nitride
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NanoHydrophobic TEM grids are functionalized with alkyl chains (n=8) to create a hydrophobic surface with a contact angle >100°. They are invaluable for the deposition of materials from organic solvents or for materials that have an intrinsically hydrophobic surface during TEM sample preparation. NanoHydrophobic grids prevent aggregation of hydrophobic materials while drying. Examples of these types of materials include carbon nanotubes and fullerenes, quantum dots, FIB lamella, DNA and any alkylated materials.

  • Window Size: 50 x 50 µm
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Package of 10