NG04-051A NanoPLUS Nitride

NG04-051A NanoPLUS Nitride
NG04-051A NanoPLUS Nitride
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NanoPLUS TEM grids are positively charged to capture nanoparticles with negative surface charge. 
NanoPlus TEM Grids are hydrophilic and have membrane windows with positive surface charge. Particles with negative partial surface charge "stick" to the grid surface through electrostatic interaction by simply immersing in or floating on a droplet of solution and then rinsing. This rapid sample preparation method results in uniform distribution of the material across the grid surface with minimal agglomeration for accurate, reproducible metrology. See our gold citrate nanoparticle sample preparation video for more information.

  • Window Size: 50 x 50 µm
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Package of 10

NanoPLUS TEM grids are now available with functionalized Si3N4 membrane windows that have affinity for a wide range of materials including metal citrate and other colloidal NPs, carbon black, polymer beads, metal oxides and other ceramics, and functionalized metal and semiconductor nanoparticles.

NanoPlus TEM Grids were the exclusive TEM grids used by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in their recent study to establish standards for nanomaterials characterization.