NG04-011B NanoBasic Nitride Pack

NG04-011B NanoBasic Nitride Pack
NG04-011B NanoBasic Nitride Pack
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NanoBasic grids accommodate a wide range of TEM sample preparation methods including drop-casting, dip-coating, vapor deposition, self-assembly, and aerosol deposition of nanoscale materials. Surface hydroxyl groups create a hydrophilic surface that easily wets aqueous solutions. Thin films can be directly deposited onto the grid surface. NanoBasic grids are robust for a wide range of chemical treatments including cleaning with strong acids or solvents. They can also be heated to 1000°C offering unparalleled capability for multi-step processing to monitor changes in your samples versus processing conditions. In addition to TEM, Nanobasic grids are well-suited for a variety of other analytical tools including SEM, AFM, surface analytical measurements, and even optical spectroscopy allowing for direct correlative analysis on the same sample.

  • Window Size: 100 x 100 µm
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Package of 10

NanoBasic Grids provide a high performance, general utility platform to prepare TEM samples for virtually all nanomaterials including metal and ceramic nanoparticles, polymer materials, and carbon nanotubes.

NanoBasic TEM grids are non-functionalized, hydrophilic SMART TEM Grids micro-fabricated from thin silicon wafers with LPCVD Si3N4 membrane windows that provide an extremely low background for high resolution nanoscale imaging.