Graphene Coating on 1000 Mesh Cu Grid, Pack of 10

Graphene Coating on 1000 Mesh Cu Grid, Pack of 10
Graphene Coating on 1000 Mesh Cu Grid, Pack of 10
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The use of graphene in research is a growing area requiring a source of high quality materials and substrates. SPI Supplies now offers a source of graphene in various forms*. Using a unique patented CVD process, these graphene films are clean and uniform. SPI Supplies currently offers graphene as support films on TEM grids or on copper substrates. Bookmark this page for future graphene products that may be added.

TEM Grids:

SPI Supplies TEM support films are known world wide for their high quality and cleanliness. Now we can add graphene coated TEM grids to the products we offer. SPI Supplies graphene coated grids provide a clean uniform layer of graphene on a copper grid.

We have done considerable work to provide a coated grid that can be used as a TEM substrate or support film. Our TEM films are multi-layered, with uniform coverage over a large percentage of the grid and having few observed artifacts.


Graphene coated TEM grids may be used in both biological and material science sample applications, where the films can be used to characterize the structure of nanoparticles and thin film growth.

Currently we offer a graphene coated 1000 mesh copper grid with a multi-layer graphene film. Other grid styles and single layer grid films are in progress. They are sold in packages of 10 grids.