SPI Supplies Brand LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifier 7X 23D Lens 50mm Diameter

SPI Supplies Brand LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifier 7X 23D Lens 50mm Diameter
SPI Supplies Brand LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifier 7X 23D Lens 50mm Diameter
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The "pocket style" illuminated LED magnifier is another very popular item of precision optics! SPI Supplies is one of the first to offer the very latest advances in LED illumination technology in an inexpensive pocket magnifier. We know that one might be skeptical, because after all, what can be really different about an illuminated pocket magnifier?

These really are different. They do not have an ordinary light bulb, but feature a light emitting diode (LED) as its illumination source. Not only will the new LED technology magnifiers provide a brilliant and steady source of illumination, but it has a service life of roughly 10,000 hours. And in addition, it is small, compact and very light weight.


  • Lens Size(mm): 50 mm (2")
  • Power: 7X
  • Dioptor: 23D

The fine optical quality aspheric lens have been carefully designed to give nearly distortion-free viewing with the special blue coating index matched to improve light transmission.

And for those who might be visually impaired, the handles are designed so that the batteries could be readily changed by someone even if they are up in their years and don't have too much strength to do a really firm twist. Now this might not seem like a big deal but ask any senior citizen how easy it is to change the batteries in any other magnifier device. And then you will know.

Construction of the body:
High impact ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is used for the body of the SPI illuminated pocket magnifiers so in case of dropping, hopefully (it is not guaranteed), the magnifier will make a "bounce" back into the hands that dropped it and life will continue for the SPI illuminated pocket magnifier.

Power supply:
The SPI Supplies LED illuminated pocket magnifiers take three "Size AAA" batteries and the service time expectancy on one battery change is typically around 100 hours. Batteries are not included with the purchase of a magnifier.

Carrying case:
Each of the SPI Supplies Brand Illuminated LED Pocket Magnifiers arrives with an attractive simulated leather carrying bag to protect the magnifier against damage when not in use.

One magnifier per sturdy white shipping box.