Gold substrates, Large, 2.4 cm x 1.6 cm, with 150 nm thickness for SPM applications, Pack of 5

Gold substrates, Large, 2.4 cm x 1.6 cm, with 150 nm thickness for SPM applications, Pack of 5
Gold substrates, Large, 2.4 cm x 1.6 cm, with 150 nm thickness for SPM applications, Pack of 5
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Known as the "Au (111) substrates", we offer three sizes, extra large, large and small. All substrates are Au (111) evaporated onto freshly cleaved mica substrates. Flame annealing is suggested prior to use.

Atomically flat terraces are typically ~ 300 nm across, with this size increasing after hydrogen flame annealing.


  • 2.4 cm x 1.6 cm with 150 nm 
  • thickness of gold covering 
  • an area with dimensions of 2.0 x 1.6 cm

Shelf life:
This is one product that we try hard to not ever ship from stock! We all know that surfaces at the atomic level start a contamination process almost from the time of their creation and these flamed gold substrates are absolutely no exception. If they are used immediately upon receipt, one should be able to find them to be uncontaminated and ready for use. However there does come a time, and we believe it to be about three or four months after receipt, where despite our best efforts to achieve a clean inert atmosphere over the packaged substrates, contamination can begin. Hence, at that point, we strongly recommend that they be flame annealed prior to use.

Limited warranty:
The substrates are not kept in the stock of SPI Supplies and are in essence "made to order" so that there is maximum shelf life for the customer before re-annealing is necessary. If any customer is not satisfied with the gold substrate product they have received, replacement on a one for one basis will be done but only if the substrate is returned to SPI Supplies, it is determined by SPI Supplies to have been defective upon delivery and less than five months have passed since shipment from SPI Supplies. 

The warranty becomes null and voice no matter how fresh is the material if the coated substrates are either a) cut into smaller pieces or b) are annealed in air. When these slides are "cut" into smaller pieces, it is a likely event that the user will see debris from the cutting operation. That is why we recommend that one not attempt to cut the larger pieces into smaller pieces. 

We are also unable to extend the warranty to cover pieces that have been air annealed instead of the special hydrogen annealing process. An air annealing is virtually going to guarantee that the surface will be sufficiently changed that its use will be greatly curtailed. 

Thickness of the substrates:
The starting point is a mica strip that is 0.004" (100 µm) to 0.006" (150 µm) and it is then cleaved approximately in half, producing two strips that would be in thickness from 50 µm to 75 µm. We can not guarantee the thickness any better than that because of the randomness of the cleaving process of the starting mica strips.