S.S.Grid Hex.200Mesh/100

S.S.Grid Hex.200Mesh/100
S.S.Grid Hex.200Mesh/100
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200 Hexagonal mesh

These grids, produced from antimagnetic stainless steel foil, rolled to the thickness desired for the final grids, are produced by an etching process. Consequently, the grid bars are not as smooth and as straight as one normally finds for those grids that are made by electrodeposition methods. Grid thickness is generally between 0.13 and 0.15 mm.

For alternatives to stainless steel grids for high temperature work, consider the SPI Molybdenum TEM grids or the SPI Silicon Nitride Membrane Window Grids.

Diameter: 3.05 mm

Tolerances:+/- 5 µm

Packaging:100 stainless steel grids per vial.