Emicron Asbestos Index Grid Cu 200 Mesh Hole width 102 Pk100

Emicron Asbestos Index Grid Cu 200 Mesh Hole width 102 Pk100
Emicron Asbestos Index Grid Cu 200 Mesh Hole width 102 Pk100
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EMicron Asbestos Index Grids, Copper, "200 Mesh"

Three grid opening sizes are currently offered:
Open area:
SPI part # 0.0100 mm2

Diameter: 3 mm
Thickness: 0.4 mils / 10 µm
Grid Bar Widths: Thick: 35 µm ± 5%; Thin : 21 µm ± 5%
Vial (100 Grids)

This highly popular EMicron™ TEM Asbestos Index Grid, featuring a "thick/thin" grid bar design, is in use in many of the world's busiest asbestos testing laboratories worldwide. The indexing is directly adjacent to each grid square which allows for easy grid identification and ease to refind a location quickly. And while these are called asbestos index grids, these grids can be used in a number of application where a high degree of reproducible grid openings are needed with well-defined indexing.

• Shiny side and dull side for easy "right side up" side identification
• Center mark for orientation
• Carefully cleaned and individually inspected before packaging
• Available in Copper, or Nickel (by request; minimum quantities may apply).
• Alphanumeric numbering is located beside the working area for easy reference.  
• "V" shaped rim notch aids in orientation
• Hole width is average of 100 um +/- 2 um with a class-leading 4% standard deviation
• Line widths are thick and thin to improve open space and orientation.
• Letters/numbers very readable but not intrusive into 4 surrounding working squares.
• 65+ % transmission
• 10 um grid thickness, 3.05 mm standard grid size.
• Very smooth and square lines due to special plating techniques.
• Used in many of the world's asbestos testing labs as well as research labs.
• All grids thoroughly cleaned and checked before packaging.