SPI SEM Finder Grids, Style SEMF1, Nickel Pack of 10 Grids

SPI SEM Finder Grids, Style SEMF1, Nickel Pack of 10 Grids
SPI SEM Finder Grids, Style SEMF1, Nickel Pack of 10 Grids
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SEMF1 Finder Grids


(10 grids per vial)

This is a new innovative product for converting any ordinary SEM mount into an SEM "finder" or "locator" mount. It can be used in a variety of different ways, for example, it can be "glued" onto the surface of any SEM mount, with 5-Minute Epoxy, but we believe that the best way to use the grid is to gently press it into an SPI Double Sided Conductive Carbon Adhsive Disk, either 9 or 12 mm diameter, depending on the SEM mount being used. This approach works well only for dry samples and will not, in general, work with "wet" samples. 

For use with fine particles suspended in liquids, we would recommend using the new SEM Finder Grid in conjuction with a glass cover slip. Once the glass cover slip is affixed to the cover slip, then the liquid suspension can be applied, preferable as a spray rather than a liquid drop. 

Details of the SEMF1 Finder Grid:

A number of important features have been built in to the SEM Finder Grid for easier re-location of wanted specimen features, and the identification for later study, of features of particular interest. 

    • Annular rim
      Identifies "north", "south", "east" and "west" on the SEM mount.


    • Quadrant markers
      Tapered design always points the researcher toward the center of the grid for easy navigation.


    • Radial sectors
      There are 100 separate and distinct such sectors, each being easily identified and referenced by number in the annular rim and alphabet letters in the four quadrants.


  • Dull vs shinny side discrimination
    A matt surface on one side makes for easy positioning, that is, what side us "up" and what side is "down". The matt side should be used for correct use of the SEM Finder Grid.


Overall diameter: 10 mm
Thickness: 50 ± 1 µm
Pitch: 15°
Bar width: 150 µm
Available: Copper, Nickel, Gold