Ceramic Solid Disc Grids, 3mm pk of 9 on a wafer

Ceramic Solid Disc Grids, 3mm pk of 9 on a wafer
Ceramic Solid Disc Grids, 3mm pk of 9 on a wafer
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SPI Ceramic Solid Discs:

Optically transparent ceramic grids with an integrated ceramic film coatings.

With increasingly diverse and specialized applications in both optical and electron microcopies, there is a growing demand for a specimen support that can be used in cross platform application. To help met these needs, SPI Supplies introduces a novel class of ceramic-based supports. SPI Supplies Ceramic Grids and Discs are a nanostructured alumina ceramic material (aluminum oxide) that are produced using a microfabrication process. They provide an alternative when other materials may be unsuitable.

  • 3mm dia 
  • wafer of 9 discs

Product Specs & Features

  • High thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Optically transparent, minimal fluorescence background.
  • Reduced beam-induced movement.
  • Biocompatible, non-toxic, hydrophilic.
  • “Wafer-style” packaging (both Grids and Discs)

User Benefits

  • Improved image quality.
  • New capabilities in optical and fluorescence microscopy, including imaging across entire grid structure.
  • Improved cell culture growth and specimen adhesion, rapid freezing for cryo-EM analyses.
  • High temperature capable for environmental EM.
  • Custom designs and specifications per user input.

SPI Supplies Ceramic Grids and Discs aid in reduced specimen preparation time, higher image quality and customization for diverse uses ranging from cell biology and biophysics to materials science. For Bio-Imaging from sample processing to optical and electron microscopy, this nanoceramic is micro-machined into patterned window geometry with an integrated thin support film. The unique architecture and attributes of the grids relative to traditional metal and silicon-based products enable a greater throughput and numerous other user benefits at a low cost.

Yes, there are a ceramic based grid and therefore have a greater brittleness than other grid types, yet they do provide some flexibility and are surprising easy to handle. The grids come in wafer form in a 3x3 array and are easy to remove with a standard Style 5 tweezers.

SPI Supplies Ceramic Discs are 3-mm diameter ceramic circular planar discs that can help streamline and improve the cell culturing and imaging process, from optical to electron microscopy. The discs can be used for every application that sapphire disks are currently used and in many applications show superior performance. The wafer format facilitates easier handling of multiple samples especially during early preparation steps. The wafers and each disc have demarcations showing the orientation to ease with cell plating and embedding in resin later

SPI Supplies Ceramic Grids are nanoporous ultra-thin (>50 nm) ceramic films integrated into the base of a standard TEM grid structure. These grids will facilitate cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM), high temperature experiments (at least 900°C) as well as a number of other applications in materials characterization.

We currently offer two styles: 200 mesh Ceramic Grids (with two film thickness) and a solid 3-mm diameter disc with a 50-µm thick. Custom designs available upon request.