Stainless Steel Dessicator Cabinet, 22x21.6"x16" (55.9x55x40.6 cm)

Stainless Steel Dessicator Cabinet, 22x21.6"x16" (55.9x55x40.6 cm)
Stainless Steel Dessicator Cabinet, 22x21.6"x16" (55.9x55x40.6 cm)
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This stainless steel desiccator storage cabinet forms a Faraday cage of satin-polished 304 stainless steel to guard stored contents against electrostatic discharge. Clear, tempered-glass doors on front and back provide easy visibility of stored materials. An air-tight, moisture-proof seal, consisting of weather stripping sandwiched within the metal frame, avoids the outgassing problems that would otherwise be associated with an epoxy seal. Also equipped with inlet and outlet ports that allow gas to be purged through the storage area.

22" x 21.625" x 16" (55.9 x 55 x 40.6 cm)

Available in 3 sizes, the cabinets are configured for easy stacking. Each cabinet comes with two perforated stainless steel shelves. Pressure relief valve that bleeds off excess internal gas to maintain a safe positive pressure can be purchased at additional cost.

Flow meter:
Optionally, a gas flow meter can be ordered, it is in essence, a device where a little ball floats in a calibrated tube to measure the flow rate and at the same time, indicate that gas is flowing. We recommend this accessory item at the time of purchase especially if one wants to validate that gas is flowing repeatitively at some specified flow rate. Two different flow meter capacities are offered with the basic desiccator units. Capacities are describe in units of SCFH.

The insertion of one or more breakers and the use of desiccant capsules will help in the absorption of any moisture that might be released by samples.

Crate charge:
Please be sure to add to the Shopping Cart the special "crate charge". This special crate is needed to make sure that the cabinets arrives undamaged during shipment to the customer. We can not accept an order that has not specified the crate charge. Ordering without the crate charge will just cause a delay in your order.