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The Model 910T is the first in a new generation of polishing machines designed for specific applications. The Model 910T has been specifically designed for use with the Model 590 Tripod Polisher. It is used for SEM cross-sectioning and also for TEM wedge polishing but where it is imperative that the polishing wheel rotates at a constant speed and with high torque at even very low revolutions per minute (RPM). This combination of features in general is not found in standard metallurgical polishers. The Model 910T was developed to provide all of the features required to obtain outstanding results using the Tripod Polisher™. Tripod polishing requires the use of diamond lapping films and either colloidal silica or colloidal alumina suspensions. Plain backed diamond films are adhered to a glass plate by surface tension and are easily removed for storage and re-use. The Model 910T is also specially designed for easy cleaning and disposal of abrasive debris.

110v/60 Hz

Variable speed feature:
The wide latitude of polishing conditions possible enables one to make acceptable samples in the shortest possible period of time. The polisher can be operated at speeds from 0 to 60 rpm. Yes, it operates at a constant speed, but that speed can be adjusted, which is essential for many of the different kinds of samples that could be presented to the unit.