SPI UV Cryo Chamber 110v

SPI UV Cryo Chamber 110v
SPI UV Cryo Chamber 110v
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The SPI UV Cryo Chamber is the epitome of simplicity! It features digital temperature control and is rated for operation between -10° C to -37° C.

To use, all one has to do is add "dry ice" (solid carbon dioxide), set the temperature desired (between -10° C to -37° C) and activate the UV source for the curing of UV curable resins such as Lowicryl™, L. R. White™, and Monstep™.

Light source:
Two 15 watt UV bulbs


External dimensions: 25.25" (64 cm) x 14.5" (37 cm) x 19.25" (49 cm)
Internal dimensions: 22.25" (56.5 cm) x 12" (30.5 cm) x 13.25" (34 cm)
Power requirements: 110V AC, 60 Hz
Weight: 25 pounds ( 11.4 kg)

The UV Cryo Chamber is normally cooled using "dry ice", It can also be cooled using liquid nitrogen. There is a little bit of art involved in putting the correct amount of the low temperature material into the chamber, but a temperature controlled fan circulates the air inside the chamber, resulting in a remarkably constant internal temperature. It is certainly possible to spend more money, and at times lots more money but you will never find a cryo chamber that will give more uniform cooling than the SPI Cryo Chamber.

Large enough to accommodate up to 72 BEEM® capsules, this cryo chamber comes with a sample holder and loader, has a recirculating fan to maintain low, uniform temperature and a 365 nm ultraviolet lamp that is insulated from the chamber. This cryo chamber is ideal for low temperature dehydration, infiltration of samples and polymerization of resins. The SPI UV Cryo Chamber is designed to operate 24 hours continuously with complete temperature control.