SPI Supplies Disc Punch, Produces 2 mm Discs

SPI Supplies Disc Punch, Produces 2 mm Discs
SPI Supplies Disc Punch, Produces 2 mm Discs
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This high precision tool makes it possible to prepare samples for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) that are distortion free. The thickness range possible is from 10 µm to over 100 µm. The tool is constructed so that the sample area of the material to be punched is clearly visible and can be easily selected. This handy tool can also serve as a grid punch, whereby one can "punch" discs (e.g. grids) from sheets of mesh for special experiments and applications. Now a selection of other tools makes possible the production of disc of a greater range of diameters.

Disc punch, 2 mm

Why the SPI Disc Punch?

The preparation of samples for TEM involves considerable time and cost. An artifact introduced into the results during the sample preparation process can be both frustrating as well as the cause of possibly misleading results. Therefore, when cutting out samples for this first step in the preparation process, it is of extreme importance to do the "punching" in a distortion- free state. The need for this kind of device is even more critical when dealing with ductile materials. We are finding that there are numbers other instances where one is in need of cutting small discs out of thin planar sheet specimens and this approach can save one considerable costs relative to the alternatives.

First, a concave dimple in the head of the punch stem prevents vertical compression of the material being punched. And second, the slant of the cutting edge prevents horizontal distortions, that is, toward to center of the disc.

The smooth and clean edge of the final resulting disc is further assured by the precise fit of the punch stem into the punch base, the exact guidance mechanism, and the spring-supported counterpart of the punch.

The SPI Disc Punch can also be installed in a vertical position which allows for an even easier selection of sample areas. For vertical installation, be sure to order also the "vertical holder", SPI #17004-AB.

Use the SPI Disc punch also for a convenient way to punch out 3 mm discs from any grid mesh to make your own grids out of your own particular mesh material. "It is very easy to change the cutting elements, following several easy steps".

What thickness of different materials can be "punched"?
The SPI Disc Punch's versatility permits the punching of a wide range of materials, into distortion-free discs. Maximmum thickness are as follows:

Aluminum foil: 25 µm
Copper foil: 60
SPI-Pore Membrane Filters: 30
Photocopy paper: 100