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This is the original Dimpler® designed by Mr. Vince Carlino of VCR Group. This is not a "copy" or "rip-off" of the well-known VCR design, it is the real thing! Some other versions of this product might have the same general appearance, but none come close to the original design and the one that the whole world has come to know as the Dimpler®.

The Dimpler® will provide you with the easiest and most reliable means to produce many different types of samples for TEM and can be used on ceramics, many semiconductors, carbons, carbon composites, oxides, borides, silicides, glasses and many others.

When prethinning, the Dimpler® produces an ultra-high area for successful, artifact-free ion thinning, while maintaining a greater edge thickness to help prevent breakage while handling. The thickness achieved will depend on the material being thinned; however, hard specimens typically can be dimpled to less than 5 µm with a 100 µm thick periphery for specimen support. Use with SPI molybdenum support rings and the SPI 3 mm Disc Punch. For heat sensitive samples, consider using the SPI Diamond Ringed Grids.

Accessory package:
Each newly purchased Dimpler® comes with a complete accessory package which includes one each of the following items: Specimen platen assembly, specimen mounting jig assembly, sapphire flat, set of "Dimpling" tools (1i, 2iM, 2iT, 3i, 4iM, 4iT ), 1 and 3 µm polycrystalline diamond slurry with lapping fluid, mounting wax, Sytron HT50, 0.1 µm and 0.05 µm alumina. 

In addition, there are a number of "Dimpling Accessories" that could be useful for working with specific kinds of samples.