751-HD Unmounted

751-HD Unmounted
751-HD Unmounted
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General Characteristics:

Channel width about 370 nm, Depth about 180 nm, top and bottom approximately flat. Height Profile across ridges indicates sidewall angle of about 70°. Dimensions are given for information only. This sample is not a calibration grating.

Background Information

Composition: Solid Nickel, about 6x4x0.3 mm (Length, Width, Thickness). The pattern covers the entire surface. General appearance: the patterned side is somewhat shiny and a rainbow of diffracted light is visible at some angles. The back side is dull. Can be used for STM, AFM and related scanning probe techniques.

Appearance and Usage:

Be sure to mount the specimen with the patterned side up. The pattern consists of ridges with occasional ‘bulges’. The bulges are not defects and are sometimes regarded as useful reference points. In some applications, liquids may be temporarily confined in a single channel, in a segment bounded by two bulges. Bulge separation along a single ridge varies from 25 ?m to about 400 µm.

There may be a number of visible defects on the surface of this specimen, such as pits, scratches and dust. Defects can help you focus on the surface of the specimen. After focusing, for best results, make images that exclude such defects.