700-1D Unmounted

700-1D Unmounted
700-1D Unmounted
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For General Purpose Microscopes:

A precision pattern for calibrating a microscope’s horizontal plane for µm-scale and sub-µm-scale measurements.

Period: 700 nm pitch, one-dimensional array. Refer to calibration certificate for actual pitch.

Surface: A conductive thin film (Tungsten) covers the lines (hardened photoresist ridges) and spaces. Substrate is Silicon, 4x3 mm die. Ridge height (about 250 nm) is not calibrated.

For AFM, use in contact, intermittent contact (TappingMode™ ) and other modes with image sizes from 1000 nm to 25 µm. Available unmounted or mounted on steel disks.

For SEM, this specimen works well at a wide range of accelerating voltages and calibrates images from 2.5 kX to 50 kX. Normally supplied unmounted. Can be mounted on a stub of your choice (additional cost).

Usability: the calibrated pattern covers the entire 4x3 mm die. There is sufficient usable area to make thousands of measurements without reusing any areas altered or contaminated by previous scans.

Model 700-1D. This Calibration Reference specimen comes with a non-traceable, manufacturer’s certificate. This states the average period, based on batch measurements. Average pitch is accurate to +/- 2 nm.