SPI Supplies Turbo Coater System

SPI Supplies Turbo Coater System
SPI Supplies Turbo Coater System
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High Vacuum System for High-Resolution Carbon or Sputter Coating
SPI Supplies Turbo Coater System is a table-top turbo pump-based system capable of carbon and/or sputter coating. It is a complete system with an integral turbo and backing pump, making it self-contained. Plug it in, connect your gas and you are ready to coat!


The SPI Supplies Turbo Coating System is available as:

High Vacuum Carbon Coater:

Carbon Rod-based high vacuum coater. The evaporative process produces fine carbon coating. Tested in our TEM labs, this coating can be used for carbon coating TEM grids. Excellent for coating your FE-SEM sample for EDS or WDS.

High Vacuum Sputter Coater:

High Vacuum deposition of metals to give fine-grain coatings. Materials include Au, Au/Pd, Pd, Pt, and Ir.


The SPI Supplies Turbo System includes:

LED touch-screen screen allows for menu option user control
Easy change from sputter to carbon evaporation.
6” diameter chamber.
High vacuum turbo with 10-6 range.
Optional Quartz Crystal Monitor.
Optional rotating tilting stage.

20” (W) x15” (D) x13” (H, without Chamber)     
Weight: 75 lb
110- 240V