UV Curer KW-4AC,220V

UV Curer KW-4AC,220V
UV Curer KW-4AC,220V
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For those that want to quickly UV cure photosensitive coatings and thin films, SPI Supplies offers a compact and easy to use UV Curer. It is equipped with two UV light sources with wavelengths of 365 nm and 245 nm. The system coats substrates up to 6 in diameter while rotating at 6 rpm to ensure uniform curing. The built-in interlock door prevents the exposure of UV radiation and provides a safe operation. In conjunction with the KW-4A spin coater, the system can be used to make various coatings and thin films via the photochemical process.

  • UV Wavelength: 365nm/ 254nm
  • Power output: 4x4 watts bulbs
  • Table Diameter: 4" diameter
  • Maximum Sample size: 6" diameter
  • Turntable Rotary Speed: 5~6 rpm
  • Dimension: 5.8"(W), 9.5"(D), 6.3"(H)
  • Compliance: CE compliant.

UV curing is a photochemical process by which monomers undergo polymerization or cross inking (curing) upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation. A specially formulated monomer will polymerize when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. This UV "curable" monomer includes a sensitizer which absorbs UV energy and initiates a polymerizing reaction in the monomer.