Hotplate KW-4AH 110V

Hotplate KW-4AH 110V
Hotplate KW-4AH 110V
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HotPlate (KW-4AH 110V) 
For those that want to quickly bake or cure their thin films and coatings, SPI Supplies offers a compact and easy to use hotplate. With the same small footprint as our Spin Coater, the unit is designed to be placed along side of the spin coater of other accessory units. Rugged in design as well as portability. Fabrication of metal oxide films, polymer coatings and organic thin films can now be completing by going directly from the coating onto the hotplate. The temperature range of 50 to 350°C allows great flexibility for the laboratory researcher. 


  • Operation: Manual Loading
  • Process Control: Programable
  • Temperature Resolution: 1°C
  • Temperature Range: 50-350°C
  • Maximum Substrate Size: 6" diameter

Utilization of hotplates to cure the films have several advantages over conventional type ovens. They decrease bake time, increase reproducibility and result in better film quality. The KW-4AH compact hotplate has a uniform temperature profile across the substrate to provide even heating of films and coatings. Because the baking heats the substrate from the bottom up, no skin effect occurs on film. This mechanism is especially useful for baking thick films since solvents in the films nearest the substrate are baked off before the film surface seals over. Bake times are significantly decreased, measured in seconds, rather than minutes or hours, as can be seen in conventional ovens.