CarbonFiber Tweezers PEEK #4WF

CarbonFiber Tweezers PEEK #4WF
CarbonFiber Tweezers PEEK #4WF
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SPI Supplies Carbon Fiber tipped tweezers. PEEK (polyetheretherketone) reinforced with carbon fiber is an excellent tweezers tip material not just for general use but in particular for mechanical and high temperature applications. The tip is very hard and rigid with high tensile and flexural strength, very high wear resistance and high heat capability (260-300°C). ESD-safe material. The tweezers body is composed of anti-magnetic, anti-acid stainless steel.

A 0.47" 12 mm
B 0.41" 10.5 mm
C 0.08" 2.0 mm
D 0.14" 3.5 mm
E 0.18" 4.5 mm