VitreOx™ AF-16 AntiFog Coating Solution, 60ml Bottle

VitreOx™ AF-16 AntiFog Coating Solution, 60ml Bottle
VitreOx™ AF-16 AntiFog Coating Solution, 60ml Bottle
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VitreOx AF-16 is designed for lens coating the inside of lens materials typically used in laboratory applications. Safety glasses and goggles made from polycarbonate or acrylic materials are easily and efficiently coated a prevents fogging in a clean room and cold room areas.

VitreOx™ is an effective, long-lasting anti-fog agent that has been developed in response to the prevalent issue of optical lens fogging. It is non-volatile, non-toxic, anti-microbial, anti-viral, organic, biodegradable, and can be applied quickly prior to use while retaining effectiveness.

VitreOx can be directly applied and used for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent anti-fog coatings on a wide variety of lenses, surfaces, and medical devices. This liquid, when applied to a surface, instantaneously eliminates fogging, by changing how water droplets behave on the surface, Instead of visible droplets (water beads), a uniform “wet sheet” instantly grows on the surface, and by producing a super-hydrophilic surface, the result is a transparent surface instead of fogged lenses. Thus, VitreOx eliminates light scattering and the distortion of your vision by eliminating water droplets. VitreOx does not rely on heating, or evacuation to eliminate fogging.

• Instantaneous anti-fog, whether just applied (wet) or dry
• No heating needed – effective at room temperature and below
• Long-lasting: Anywhere from 90 minutes to near permanent coatings (depending on application)
• Excellent optical transparency with no distortion
• Non-toxic and biocompatible
• FDA Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) ingredients
• Various grades from temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent
• Easy to apply and/or incorporate into a manufacturing

VitreOx™ can be used for a wide range of applications, from laboratory glasses and goggles to surgical lenses, athletic eyewear and beyond.