Universal Calibration Slide by Graticules with 14 Image Sets on 1x3" Glass Microscope [PS20]

Universal Calibration Slide by Graticules with 14 Image Sets on 1x3" Glass Microscope [PS20]
Universal Calibration Slide by Graticules with 14 Image Sets on 1x3" Glass Microscope [PS20]
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Description of the universal calibration slide:
The slide features 14 different patterns (sometimes called image sets because they are really "sets" of images instead of individual images) which are described in detail on our Product Data Sheet. 

Standard microscope slide dimensions, 76 mm x 25 mm x 1.5 mm thick 

The Graticules Optics, Ltd. Calibration Slide is the very latest product to be released from the world's most respected manufacturer of calibration reticles and stage micrometer. Some might say it was meant to be "all things to all people" and while that normally is not a positive kind of statement to make about a product, in this case, there is an exception. No other product offers the user these kinds of choices in terms of calibration patterns. As the calibration of microscopes and image analysis systems become more and more complicated if not also sophisticated, the user of such devices has an ever-growing need for different image calibration patterns. This multi-functional calibration standard was actually developed working with some of the leading users of such complicated optical devices. 

Technique of manufacturing:
The slide is imaged with vacuum-deposited chromium to provide robust and long-lasting detail that should have, in a sense, an unlimited lifetime. Nothing, of course, is "forever" but we do not know of any of the Graticules Optics, Ltd. chromium coatings that have ever been returned because they failed in some way. 

Certification and/or "Calibration" of the Graticules Optics, Ltd. Universal Calibration Slide:
Each slide comes with a uniquely engraved serial number traceable back to the exact date of manufacture. It is also batch calibrated with traceable calibration standards traceable back to UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).

Because of the multiple sets of features on this slide, the cost to certify all of the features to an internationally traceable certificate of calibration (ISO traceability) would be prohibitive to most users. We are able, upon request, to certify one or more of the features on a slide. There is, of course, an additional cost to do this higher level of certification. Let us know what features are to be calibrated, and we will quote a price to have this done.

Each Graticules Optics, Ltd. Calibration Slide come with its own polished wood storage and shipping case for the safe storage and shipping of this high precision calibration standard.