Peak Pocket Measuring Microscope 25 X, Regular Style

Peak Pocket Measuring Microscope 25 X, Regular Style
Peak Pocket Measuring Microscope 25 X, Regular Style
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These Pocket measuring microscopes are the same as the PEAK Pocket Microscopes except these have an incorporated reticle their lens barrel. The reticle is cross hair with horizontal scale in millimeters.

Don't let their small size fool you, these are precision made, hand crafted inspection tools! This fine optical instrument is heavy duty and will last years and years.



  • PEAK#: 2036-25
  • Magnification: 25X
  • Field of View mm dia.: 3.30 
  • Dimensions mm long: 12.4 x 126 
  • Scale Divisions mm: 0.05
  • Measuring Range mm: 3.0

Each of these precision crafted microscopes provide high resolving power and also, what to most who first try them, a surprising amount of brightness in the final image. The PEAK pocket microscope is used whenever someone is confronted with the need to see something "better" than they could otherwise see with the unaided (or naked) eye. It comes with a pen clip to conveniently "clip" right onto a shirt pocket, just as you would a ball point pen!

To focus the microscope, hold it so that the notch at the tip of the acrylic cylinder faces toward the user. Then, while tilting back and forth on the tip, with your eye looking through the eye piece, you can fix the adjustable cylinder until all is in focus to give the sharpest image. For one trying to decide whether this instrument is for them, we can say that this is one of our most popular product segments from the PEAK product line. The microscope comes in four different magnifications. Many of our customers purchase more than one, with different magnifications.

Materials Of Construction:

Glass lens housed in both clear and black shock resistant plastic. We won't guarantee that if dropped, it won't break, but we ourselves have experienced our share of dropped scopes and almost always, the pocket microscope survives. The greatest risk to this family of microscopes, is that colleagues tend to "borrow" them and then conveniently forget to return them.

Some Typical Applications:

  • Microscopy laboratory for specimen examination before sample preparation
  • Printed circuit board inspection, especially for hair line cracks
  • Printing industry for "dot" measurement
  • Jewelers for examining gem stones
  • Geology, for aid in mineral identification
  • Forensic investigators especially for field applications