Elite - Digital Wireless Recording System (Controller + 1 EDC)

Elite - Digital Wireless Recording System (Controller + 1 EDC)
Elite - Digital Wireless Recording System (Controller + 1 EDC)
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Elite - Digital

Elite - Digital Wireless Recording System

Elite is a digital wireless recorder that has the capability to measure a variety of electrical properties and wirelessly, relay the data back to your cell phone or tablet. It is particularly ideal for in-situ measurements inside an isolated chamber or a condition-controlled incubator for the long term. By monitoring your samples in an isolated, condition-controlled chamber, the risk of contamination or damage on your samples is minimized. Moreover, Elite is an auto-pilot system supporting multi-user access and remote control. Once the experiment protocol is set up, Elite runs automatically, and the experimental data can be accessed in real-time by multiple users simultaneously.

In-Situ Operation
• Recording in Closed Chamber.
• Complimentary Measurement.
• In-Site with the Subject

Plug & Play
• Real-Time Data Plot.
• Control via Web & Phone.
• Intuitive User Interface.

Connected Team
• IoT Remote Data Control.
• Multi-User Research.
• Multi-Device Configuration.

The Elite is designed to accelerate the development of novel materials/devices, as well as a wide variety of biochemical studies. For example, the Elite has been employed to characterize battery materials, to measure I-V curves of novel semiconductor devices, and to monitor electrochemical systems by cyclic voltammetry.

There is virtually no installation time required. Just charge the Elite EDC, set up your parameters to be measured, attach the leads, and begin your experiment.

The Elite system consists of two basic units:

Elite EDC

This is the unit that is placed in the isolation system or chamber. Standard 8cm alligator style lead clips are provided to attach to the leads of the experiment from which the information is to be obtained. The Elite EDC is small in size (6 cm × 6 cm × 2 cm) to allow for easy placement and little use of space.

The units run on a Lithium battery for up to 24 hours and are recharged in about four hours. The range of the wireless device is about five meters (16 feet) at a frequency of 2.4G.

Elite EDC has an LED indicator that indicates its current operational mode:

Elite ControllerElite - Digital

The Elite Controller is able to control up to four Elite EDC devices simultaneously for experimental setup, data collection, and data visualization. The dices submitted the data can be from the same location, or different locations and can be measuring different parameters. The Controller is an auto-pilot system in that once an experiment protocol is set up, the Elite device executes experiments automatically, and the experimental data are stored for real-time monitoring or further analysis.

Users can connect through their computers, tablets, or cellphones to Controller’s WIFI and login UI webpage to set up the experiment and browse data. No additional software is needed. Data can be downloaded into Excel or other programs as a .TXT or .CSV file.

The Elite Controller can be connected to an external interest via an Ethernet network port. This can allow remote access to the data from your office or home while the experiment is running. 

Build your own system:

The basic Elite system consists of an Elite Controller and one Elite EDC. Additional Elite EDC devices can be purchased at any time to add to your system. Each Elite EDC comes with two 8cm leads and a micro USB to charge the unit. The Elite Controller is a universal power supply so the line cord supplied will have adapters for 110V to 240V supplies.